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If you find yourself teaching a lot from the internet then do we have a resource for you. will e-mail you a link to a free website everday. Each day is for a particular subject.
They also have an archive page so you can look through previously listed sites. So when you time to sit with your favorite cup of tea or coffee and browse, give them a look. Its a wonderful resource to use to fill in around your current curriculum.

2014 Olympics Sochi-Printables

The whole world will soon be watching the Olympics take place in Sochi, Russia. If you have a child you would like to review what the sports are and countries of the world that are competing in the Olympics, then check out the Winter Olympics pack at The winter pack created here has a wealth of information and is free! I have seen several free printable packs and this one stands out because of the amount of information you can potentially learn if you work through the entire pack. It is large at 120 pages. It covers all the different sporting events that will be showcased and you get a short history of the Olympics as well.


For younger ones check out the toddler packs available at There are 4 parts to the pack and you can download them separately. This way you can pick and choose which parts you want to use. This is a great way to introduce little ones to the Olympics while still working on pre-school skills.  The packs can be found near the bottom of the page, click here.

For a self-directed study of the Olympics go to Activity Village. This site has a lot of information on the Olympics, printables, puzzles and activities you can do with your children. While there is no unit study per say to print out or a pack you can just click and print, I am recommending this website because of the amount of information here. You can print a few coloring pages, word searches, learn the history of the Olympics or find activities and crafts to do. Check them out here.


Bible and Science

Bible and science comes together at this great website. Here the creators of have taken Biblical truths and combined them with science experiments to create wonderful and memorable lessons for your youngsters. The lessons here are presented in a wonderful way and with fairly easy to do science experiments.

This is a great way to combine two subjects at once. The lessons are all free. There will be some materials that you may need to buy for the experiments but for other experiments you will probably have some of the materials on hand.

Check them out today!

Piano Curriculum

Finding a good free music curriculum can be a challenge. We have found one that teaches the paino for free! It is found on Hoffman Academys website and on You Tube.   The paino class is taught by Mr. Hoffman. He currently has 60 lessons up. If you do approximately a lesson a week, you potentially have 3 years of lessons here for free. The lessons are broken up into 3 units and each unit has 20 lessons.

He does have a website that has materials that you can buy to correspond with the units. So far, we have not felt the need to do so, however if you do, the prices are very reasonable and much less expensive than hiring your own private tutuor.

Visit the site here.

To visit the academy on You Tube you can go here. The lessons are all here and are free. You can follow the academy and be notified when new lessons are posted, if you wish.


Elementary Math Books – Free

I have found several free old text math books on Google books. They have been a wonderful resource for my family. Going through the elementary books, I am amazed at what my children are learning at such a young age. If I remember correctly, some of the topics covered in the first few years of elementary were not covered until later gradesin my own education. I am delighted to have found what I would consider challenging but doable math books for my children. The links below are for the textbooks only. There does not appear to be an answer guide or a teacher guide per say. There are instructions and tips in the back of the books to help you teach your child the material. You can go at your own pace, but I have discovered that about a page a day is enough for us. We do add in extra problems as needed for review.

Check out the following math books for a truly wonderful elementary education for your children. Just click on the image and you will be brought to the free link for the book. You can dowload it in the format that fits your needs.

(If you prefer a .pdf file you can go the left side and the orange box that says e-book free, hover on it and near the bottom is a download pdf link-you can save it and use it that way or e-mail it to your e-reader if you prefer)

Free Math Curriculum

Free 1st Grade Math Curriculum

This is a great book to introduce numbers to your student. This book introduces numbers up to the number twenty and introduces the basic math skills of adding, subtraction, multiplying, fractions, telling time and an introduction to money. There are little game suggestions in the back that will help your student retain the knowledge they have gained.

Math Grades 3 & 4

Math Grades 3 & 4

This book is a great introduction to math that you will use in everyday life. It gives a wonderful foundation in math skills that can be used throughout ones life.

5th/6th Grade Math

5th and 6th Grade Math

This book is for students in the fifth and sixth grades. There is an answer key available for this book. It is a very practical approach to math and will give your children the skills that they need for math that they encounter in everyday life.

Answer Key

Answer Key

This book is the answer key to the Everyday Arthimatic series of Math books. A great resource to help you with the books, if you need help determining what some of the answers should be.

Worksheet Works

Worksheet works is a worksheet generator that creates worksheets just the way you want. Math, English Language, Geography and Puzzles are the main category headings that you can choose from. You choose the type of worksheet you want, enter the parameters and presto your worksheet is created!

We have you used the English language section a lot lately and love the flexibility of the generator and the speed. Once I type in what I want it, it creates an adobe .pdf file that downloads instantly. I can print immediately and/or save the file for later use.

This site would be most beneficial to those with students in the elementary grades.

Check them out at


Bible Story Resource

This is a wonderful Bible story resource. Once you have chosen a story to read you click on the link. The background is a bit distracting but once your in the story it changes. The author starts with a short modern story that ties into the Bible story. At the end of the lesson there are several questions to ponder. I love that they give you these questions and provide an avenue for you and your child to more deeply think about and analyze the story. A short memory verse is provided and then a little prayer at the end.
There is also a spot to sign up if you would like the Bible stories delivered to your e-mail once a week.
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